Your Checklist to Downtown Hyattsville

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What else should I check out while in the area? Do you have a Downtown Hyattsville checklist?

We sure do! Thanks to the Hyattsville CDC:

Hyattsville is a world within walking distance. You will find shops, entertainment, walking trails, transportation, and more close by or near by (within two miles). Enjoy this fun list compiled by the friendly staff of the Hyattsville CDC, and for even more, read the Welcome Guide online or pick one up!

Explore Downtown: Route One Corridor 

  1. ‡See 70 exhibiting artists at the festival
  2. Watch multiple performances on the festival mainstage
  3. Grab a Program Book for festival artists + coupons
  4. ‡Grab a Franklin's house-brew or a Growler to-go
  5. Grab a coffee julep at Vigilante Coffee's Roastery
  6. ‡Visit the Historic Armory + the Lustine Center
  7. Check out 5 new murals at the Alt. Rt. 1 Overpass from July 2014's 'Bursting in Air'
  8. Pose by the Hyattsville Horns at the Justice Center
  9. Use the Public Art Locator to find 20 new street art murals across the Gateway Arts District
  10. Cheer Team Dematha - Visit Campus!
  11. Visit a new restaurant, like Spice-6 Modern IndianShagga Coffee & RestaurantShortcake Bakery or Chez Dior African Dining, just to name a few
  12. Enjoy the Hiker-Bike "trolley" trail and other trails to College Park
  13. ‡Visit the new Skate Park down Route 1 and enjoy a nature walk along the Stream Valley
  14. Grab a bite or a drink at any restaurant along Route One...check out the Hyattsville Dining Guide
  15. Pick of a free copy of the Hyattsville Life & Times at Busboys and Poets.
  16. Let the tots run around at King Park at 4200 Gallatin Street OR Check out one of the many playgrounds in the City of Hyattsville
  17. Check out a pop up music show at Just Rock Enterprises from 11a to 3p on Farragut Street
  1. After the Festival, keep the art party going from 4pm to 7pm at the Renaissance Square Artists Housing!

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Tu lista de referencia del centro Hyattsville

¿Qué más puedo visitar mientras estoy en el área? ¿Tienen alguna lista de referencia del centro Hyattsville?

¡Por supuesto que sí! Gracias a Hyattsville CDC:

  1. Vea 70 artistas expositores en el festival
  2. Mire varias actuaciones en escenario principal del festival
  3. Agarre un Libro de Programas para ver los artistas del festival + cupones
  4. Agarre una cerveza de la casa o un Growler de Franklin's para llevar
  5. Agarre un julep de café en Vigilante Coffee's Roastery
  6. Visite el histórico Armory + el centro Lustine
  7. Eche un vistazo a los 5 nuevos murales en la Alt. Ruta 1 Overpass del evento 'Bursting in Air' de Julio 2014
  8. Pose por el Hyattsville Horns en el Centro de Justicia
  9. Usa el Public Art Locator para encontrar 20 nuevos murales de arte urbano por el Gateway Arts District
  10. Anima al equipo DeMatha - Visita el campus
  11. Visita un restaurante, como Spice-6 Modern Indian, Shagga Coffee & Restaurant, Shortcake Bakery o Chez Dior African Dining, solo para mencionar algunos
  12. Disfruta el Hiker-Bike "trolley" sendero y otros senderos para College Park
  13. Visita el nuevo Skate Park por la Ruta 1 y disfruta un paseo por la naturaleza de Stream Valley
  14. Toma un bocado o una bebida en cualquier restaurante de la Ruta 1… visita el Guía Gastronómica de Hyattsville

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