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Facebook-friendly Text

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[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]You’re invited to “Arts & Ales” the 2016 Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival on Sat Sept 10 12-6p in the Gateway Arts District, Prince George’s County. 100+ exhibiting artists, craft breweries, food trucks and vendors, and live entertainment will display block by block. http://hyattsvillearts.com[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Will I see you? I’m exhibiting at “Arts & Ales” the Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival on Saturday, September 10th. RSVP on Facebook: http://bit.ly/haaf2016fb [/textbox]  

Twitter-friendly Status Updates

[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Will I see you??? RSVP to the @HyattsvilleArts Fest on Facebook! Sat 9/10 12p-6p #HyvilleArts #Hyattsville  http://bit.ly/haaf2016fb[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Join me @HyattsvilleArts Fest Sat Sep 10 12p-6p! 100+ artists, MD breweries, live music, food trucks #HyvilleArts http://hyattsvillearts.com[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Join me at the @HyattsvilleArts Fest Sat Sep 10 12p-6p! 100+ artists, MD breweries, live music, food trucks + more #HyvilleArts #GatewayArtsDistrict http://hyattsvillearts.com[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]C u @HYATTSVILLEARTS Fest Sat Sep 10 12p-6p in the #GatewayArtsDistrict #HyvilleArts #PrinceGeorgesCounty http://hyattsvillearts.com[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Im selling my artwork @HyattsvilleArts Fest Sat 9/10 12p-6p in the #GatewayArtsDistrict #HyvilleArts #Hyattsville http://hyattsvillearts.com[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]So excited! Find me @HyattsvilleArts Fest on Sat 9/10 12p-6p #HyvilleArts #Hyattsville #GatewayArtsDistrict http://hyattsvillearts.com[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Join me Sat 9/10: Arts, crafts, beer, food + music! #HyvilleArts @HyattsvilleCDC #Hyattsville @myGATEWAYARTS #PrinceGeorgeCounty[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]#HyvilleArts Fest #Hyattsville is Sat 9/10 12p-6p – Paintings, Jewelry, Photos, Prints, Handmade Crafts, Music + More! +Beer, Food Trucks![/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]9/10 12p-6p! #HyvilleArts 100+ artists, MD breweries, food trucks, live music. Directions, photos, parking  map http://www.hyattsvillearts.com[/textbox]  

For Beer Enthusiasts:

[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Join us on Sept. 10th to browse art and drink brews @ #Hyattsville #ArtsandAles! Get your tasting pass 2day #mdbeer[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Get your tasting passes and join us @HyattsvilleArts & Ales! 130+ Arts vendors and LOTS of #mdbeer #ArtsandAles[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Arts, Ales and All the fun for you and your friends! Sept. 10th @HyattsvilleArts & Ales, join us! #mdbeer[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]130+ art vendors and 14+ MD Breweries @HyattsvilleArts & Ales! Sept. 10th get your tasting pass today![/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Love art? Love beer? @HyattsvilleArts & Ales is the place to be on Sept. 10th! Get your tasting pass 2day! #ArtsandAles[/textbox]  
[textbox rows=”3″ width=”600″]Looking for local plans? @HyattsvilleArts & Ales has you covered! Join us Sept. 10th for local art and craft brews! #ArtsandAles[/textbox]
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