Parking & Directions

Driving? Scroll down for handwritten directions. $5 All-Day Parking at Justice Center Garage (Entrance on 43rd Ave and Route 1/Rhode Island Ave).

We also have festival maps to designated parking lots below!

Bus or Rail? Scroll down for handwritten directions.

Flying by broomstick? You already know the way here.

Look for volunteers and signs once you arrive.

In general, we recommend typing in 5000 Rhode Island Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781 - Click here to GPS: The entrance to the Justice Center garage is at the corner of Rhode Island Avenue and 43rd Ave). $5 all day rate.


We have different maps for different needs. Here's the main public map you can print at home:

Here's the main map that's in our Program Book (PDF).

Want to print that out on a single page so it's big enough to read?

  • Artists/Artisans---- here's a close-up Master key sheet of all the exhibitors. Or grab Site Tent Key to show locations of parking.
  • Breweries, Food Vendors, Performers--- Here's a simple layout map that isn't as busy as the tent key.
  • Questions? Need another copy of your loading instructions? Contact CDC staff.

Handwritten Driving Directions

Directions from Washington, DC

Head northeast of Washington DC on Rhode Island Avenue and continue past Eastern Avenue.In two miles (6 minutes), you will cross the Eastern Avenue line into the Prince George's Gateway Arts & Entertainment District.

Continue one mile into Downtown Hyattsville and turn left onto 43rd Avenue just beyond Streetcar 82, then a quick right across from Artist + Craftsman Supply, into the entrance to the Justice Center underground garage.

Hyattsville Justice Center Garage: 5000 Rhode Island Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781

If you see the Festival happening, you've gone too far and have missed the central garage. To turn around, save yourself the trouble of one-way street and just make a big circle: stay straight and drive past the Festival. Rhode Island Avenue becomes Baltimore Avenue. Turn right past Franklin's Brewery onto the Alternate Route 1 ramp. Stay straight a quarter mile south and turn right after the gas station onto Charles Armentrout Drive. Then turn right back onto Route 1 (Rhode Island Avenue).


Directions from Baltimore, MD

The Gateway Arts & Entertainment District is located south of College Park, MD along Route 1 (Baltimore Avenue), starting in Hyattsville, MD.

Take Exit 11A towards Washington, DC onto I-95. When I-95 reaches I-495, stay right at the fork towards Silver Spring and stay in the left lane, then take the first exit on your left (it's quick) after the fork. There, you'll take the first exit on your right before the weigh station, and stay in your lane. Take Exit 27 towards College Park, MD and stay on Route 1 (Baltimore Avenue). For 5 miles, stay straight: continue past the University of Maryland -College Park, past Riverdale Park Station, and past East-West Highway.

Keep straight, up the incline on Route 1. The Prince George's Gateway Arts & Entertainment District begins at Madison St. DeMatha Catholic High School will be on your right. Stay straight for a half mile; drive through Downtown Hyattsville past Jefferson Street, past Busboys and Poets (on your left) and continue straight four blocks. Stay straight and pass Franklin's Brewery on your left as Baltimore Avenue becomes Rhode Island Avenue. While you'll see the Festival happening on your right (Farragut St to Gallatin St), keep straight: the Justice Center underground garage is at the very end of the event. Follow signs to turn right onto 43rd Avenue just before Streetcar 82 Brewery and Artist + Craftsman Supply, then a quick right into the garage.

Hyattsville Justice Center Garage: 5000 Rhode Island Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781

If you see Pizzeria Paradiso and Art Works Now on Crittenden St, you've gone too far. Make a U-turn at the light at Charles Armentrout Drive.

Bus Routes and Stations are Below

You can also find an extensive list of public transit routes at HyCDC’s Transit Page

Nearby Metro Stations

Our recommended routes

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  • From the South: Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood Station (Red Line): Take the 83 that runs directly through the Gateway Arts District and is your best route through the district. Get off at Jefferson St. If you see Sudsville, you've gone too far--walk one block south.
  • From the North: College Park-U of MD Station (Green Line): Take the 83 or 86, Southbound towards Route Island Ave-Brentwood. The 83 runs directly through the Gateway Arts District to Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood. Get off at Jefferson St. If you reach Franklin's on your left, you've gone too far--walk one block north.
  • From the Northwest: The Prince George's Station (Green Line): Take the 86 Southbound towards Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood. The 86 runs parallel then meets Rhode Island Ave. Prince George's Station is a little over a mile's walking distance away. Walk down Belcrest Road to Queensbury Road, then turn right at Route 1 (Baltimore Avenue). Walk a half mile and Jefferson St is on your left.
  • From the Southwest: West Hyattsville Station (Green Line): Take the F8 Eastbound towards Cheverly Station. The F8 turns right onto Rhode Island Avenue at Jefferson St. West Hyattsville Station is about a mile and a half's walking distance. Walk down Hamilton Street for 1 mile, turn left at Jefferson Street. Head straight down Jefferson St.
  • From the West: Riverdale Park MARC Station: The Arts District is less than a one mile walking distance of the Riverdale MARC station (Camden Line). Head west on Queenbury Road, then turn left onto Baltimore Avenue. Jefferson St. will be on your left in a half mile. You can also take the trail directly from Riverdale Park Station.

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Estaciones de metro cercanos


Nuestras rutas recomendadas

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  • Desde el sur: Estación de Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood (línea roja): tome el 83 que corre directamente por el Gateway Arts District y es la mejor ruta para el distrito. Bájese en la calle Jefferson. Si usted mira Sudsville, se ha ido muy lejos - camine una cuadra al sur.
  • Desde el Norte: Estación de College Park-U of MD (línea verde): tome el 83 o el 86, en dirección sur hacia la ruta de Island Ave-Brentwood. El 83 corre directamente por el Gateway Arts District a Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood. Bajese en la calle Jefferson. Si usted mira Franklin’s a su izquierda, se ha ido muy lejos - camine una cuadra al norte.
  • Desde el noroeste: Estación de Prince George’s (línea verde): Tome el 86 en dirección sur hacia Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood. El 86 corre paralelo y se encuentra con la avenida Rhode Island. La estación de Prince George’s está a poco más de una milla caminando. Camine desde la calle Belcrest hasta la calle Queensbury, después gire a la derecha en la Ruta 1 (avenida Baltimore). Camine media milla y la calle Jefferson estará a su izquierda.
  • Desde el suroeste: Estación de West Hyattsville (línea verde): tome el F8 en dirección este hacia la estación de Cheverly. El F8 gira a la derecha a la avenida Rhode Island en la calle Jefferson. La estación de West Hyattsville está a milla y media caminando. Camine desde la calle Hamilton por una milla, gire a la izquierda en la calle Jefferson. Manténgase recto por la calle Jefferson.
  • Desde el oeste: Estación de MARC de Riverdale Park: El Arts District está a menos de una milla caminando desde la estación de MARC de Riverdale Park (línea Camden). Diríjase al oeste en la calle Queensbury, luego gire a la izquierda en la avenida Baltimore. La calle Jefferson estará a su izquierda en media milla. Usted también puede tomar el sendero directamente desde la estación de Riverdale Park.
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