2016 Promotional Materials! / ¡Promociona!

  1. Open our online Dropbox Folder, containing:
  • Grayscale fliers you can print-at-home;
  • Colorful graphic fliers you can share online;
  • Share fliers for volunteering at the Festival; and
  • Colorful social-media graphics.

2. Grab text you can copy-and-paste for:

  • E-Mails
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Twitter

3. Browse our Basic Information and FAQ page.

4. Participating this year? Festival staff will e-mail placement and loading instructions Sept 1. In the meantime, browse the Exhibitors Listing. Also browse our growing lists of participating Craft Breweries, and Schedule of Performances + Activities, and Food Vendors.

5. If you’re social media savvy, use these hash-tags:




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